Pakistan develops indegenous missile launch platform

Shunning all critisism about lack of indegenous technology, Pakistan has announced that it has developed a mobile missile launch platform. The most terror friendly nation in the world claims that the platform has been developed indegeniously with zero resource investment from outside its borders.

“This shows that we here in Pakistan can develop cutting edge technology without any help from other nations. So far we have demonstrated technology supremacy in repainting – be it Chinese missiles or US small arms. The missile launch platform is a major milestone for indigenous technology and we are justly proud of it,” said Ministry of Defence Production Secretary Mullah Somar.

China has meanwhile congratulated Pakistani scientists for successfully completing the project. “We extend hearty wishes to the scientists behind the project and people of Pakistan for this remarkable achievement. So far Pakistan and China have only been known for copying technology and this project has demonstrated that both countries can develop crucial hardware indigenously,” China’s foreign minister Yukk Thoo Chin said.

Pak government has announced a grant of Pak Rupees 1 lakh to every scientist involved in the project and promised to train a member of their family for free at one of the terrorist training camps in Muridke near Lahore.

A missile mounted on the indigenously developed platform being handled by elite troops from the Hyderabad-based Sind regiment


Nabah said…
you do know that those are Arab soldiers right? they're wearing the Keffiyeh which is a traditional Arab scarf and has nothing to do with Pakistan....
Anonymous said…
Keep posting stuff like this i really like it
Anonymous said…
Nice dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you for your information.

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