Impact of recession on Karma

The Karmic Result Areas (KRAs) for people have been revised in the post recession world, sources close to god have told this blogger. 

“The recession was a result of accumulation of bad karma over the years and it was a clear attempt by god to warm humans to correct their ways as next time there wont be any warning, but action. The whole thing was a test designed to see how many of us will be able to act sanely, do our duties and act in a kind and understanding manner with our fellow beings-all of which are essential from a karmic point of view. The results will be out soon and this will be the last and final warning,” a source said.  

When asked as to what he meant by “results,” the source said. “God has indeed seen how we were during recession; especially people in the seat of power. Those who have behaved in a humane manner will have it good, while those who have behaved as though they were absolute rulers and have brought misery to others will suffer”. He also said that this rule was applicable to individuals and institutions alike.

The revised KRAs will be implemented from 2011 and the results will start coming in from the first month itself. This news brought much cheer among many employees. “If this is indeed true, I do look forward to many people getting it back,” a employee said.     


Busybee said…
Very interesting.. to say the least. :-) Would honestly love to know more, if curiosity wasnt to kill the cat :D

Technically this aint a soliloquy, is it ?
Prayukth said…
Hey bb..thank god the comment thingi is sorted out..more will follow in the coming days on KRA stay locked :D

This is more of a two-way soliloquy ;)

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