What can Tiger Woods do now?

Dr. Hammerschmidst, noted strayologist and fling expert on what the disgraced golfer can do from here on

* Star in a reality show to keep the moolah coming
* Write his autobiography and let the book hit the stands within the next two weeks, before the world forgets him
* Tie up with Shiny Ahuja for a book on straying from marriage
* Change his name to more a numerologically acceptable “Tiger in the woods”
* Start a PGA (Professional Goons Association) for hubbies who have strayed and have fallen from the high pedestal of public admiration
* Check if there are ladies out there who still want to date him – the current figure of his flings stands at 11 (according to US Fed reserve); he should try and round it off to a more memorable 20
* Check with Pranoy Roy and see if he can appear on that rebirth serial that is playing on NDTV Imagine…Tiger can simply blame his previous life for his current woes
* Or he can invent a new medical syndrome to explain his adventures
* Blame recession for his predicament
* Stay in touch with Mahesh Bhatt to check if the latter can do a sequel to Aarth called Anarth staring the world famous golfer who can swing on and off field


Apple said…
ORRR..he can be an official chauffer for his wife now while she meets another tiger!!
Apple said…
WHO knows that was his hidden backup!!
he can be "the" brand ambassador for Axe :)
the guy is tryin to save his marriage for one reason "his wife is demanding half his fortune" long live te judiciary

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