Saif Ali Khan's autobiography is out..

Meanwhile, noted actor and dude with a string of affairs Saif Ali Khan released his autobiography at a thinly attended press conference in Mumbai on Monday. The book titled “I am here to stray” chronicles his famous escapades during his blissful married life. Sources say that the actor has taken a leaf out of the recent Tiger Woods affair to come out with his own version of flings during his two decade long innings in the Indian film industry.

The ceremony was attended by prominent strays such as Aamir Khan, Rahul Mahajan and others. Aamir hailed the book and termed it as a "must read for those who seek to travel in two boats at the same time". In addition to one on a famous actress who Saif is currently dating, there are chapters dedicated to each one of his flings in this 55 page book. Sources close to the actor (close enough to have seen his Tattoos) told this blogger that the actor has been quite frank in the book. While referring to the recent incident of straying by Tiger Woods, the economy sized Nawab says "Tiger is a wimp and a coward who seeks excuses to bring his affairs out in the open”.

I am here to stray has been published by Dodo Books and is available in grocery stores across the country.


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