Pichley janam key sach ka samna...

NDTV has decided to start a new series that will blend the concepts of two serials based on hypnotic regression and lie detection. According to sources close to the company, the new serial will go on air as early as middle of next month and will strech the concept of these two serials further to harass a hapless audience further.

The new serial tentatively titled "Pichley Janam key Sach ka Samna (PJKSKS) will include subjects who have undergone hypnotic regression on its serial "Raaz Pichley Janam ka (RPJK)". In PJKSKS, these subjects will be subject to a lie detector test during hypnotic regression to asertain if he or she is telling the truth or simply chucking bundles at a IQ deficient audience.

NDTV grandpa Pranoy Roy has been personally pushing the concept of PJKSKS. "We have seen that many of our subjects are simply lieing. There was a guy who claimed that he was King George II in his previous life...while our subsequent investigations revealed that he was a circus clown in his previous avtar. This is when I asked my team to devise a method to identify such clowns and make people tell the truth. We are sure that PJKSKS will expose those who make tall claims during hypotic regression," Roy told this blogger.

Meanwhile the bogus past life regression doctor who appears in RPJK has been nominated as India's climate negoitator. She will be joinging the national climate negotiation team based in New Delhi and will partake in all future negotiations that India will be participating in. "We just saw her decided that we need to have her in our team. She is strong, assertive, aggressive and can actually maim people with her scary looks (she is a retired Ramsay bros ghost). With her in the team, none of the developed nations can push us into signing any agreement that we dont want to enter. Besides if push comes to shove, she can make all these guys cook up a unbelievable story under hypnotic regression," a senior external affairs ministry guy said.

Ultra-depth Past-life Hypnotic Regression


aajtak guys have got a new breather as well as ndtv news they ll b airing such news henceforth. GAWD the tv shows r really pissing me off

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