Now they should issue fatwah against

How much does it take to issue a fatwa against something that is really a pain? It it that tough? The Mullahs Association of India thinks so...First of all this blogger feels that blogging is any day better than fatwaing ;) but then since some of the mullahs are on the bench at this point of time, they should revisit the fatwa list and issue fatwa only against those issues which are essential...

Here are some of the things that they should issue a fatwa against:

* Pakistan for 26-11, exporting terror into India
* Politicians who neglect public service
* Mayawathi for squandering public money
* Raj Thackerey for pursuing divisive minded politics
* Pramod Mutalik
* Ramlingaraju
* Companies imposing dress code
* Recession
* China
* Russia for jacking the price of Admiral Gorshov
* Black marketers
* The Taliban
* Osama Bin Laden
* Human trafficking
* Poachers
* Money launderers
* Pirates
* Drug marketers
* Child marriage
* Sexual harrasment

Come on guys...if you have the guts to stand up for what is it.


Apple said…
'Fatwaing'?? :D

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