Maoist interview

Ho Ki Chin is a maoist by profession. A product of MIT (Maoist Institute of Terror), Chin is the face of maoist terror and heads a module that operates in the Bengal-Orissa corridor. Our correspondent Rajcreep caught up with the dude and asked him about the role that elements like him are playing in furthering the cause of China.

RS: Struggle against poverty and neglect? If you are fighting against social injustice, your means are not right…the path that you have adapted is also wrong.
HC: It’s a war that we are fighting…we are up against a totalitarian regime that doesn’t belive in social justice and we were forced to take up arms…

RS: And who exactly provides you these weapons, isn’t it China?
HC: Yea they provide moral and ammo support to us. They also supply Chinese noodles, contaminated milk, toys and cheap and inferior hardware.

RS: Not to mention rotten ideology. How is it that they recruit guys like you? Where do they find these anti social elements?
HC: We are into campus recruitment. We barge into campuses and forcefully induct youth. We also have the MIT which identifies anti-social talent from the red corridor and trains them. Top guys from each batch are sent to china for training and come back to head modules.

RS: How did you get the idea of highjacking trains?
HC: That is part of our corporate social responsibility.

RS: What? Can you explain?
HC: You see we have identified a few routes which are located in remote areas. The tracks here are in a sad state and it is very dangerous to run trains on them. That is why we have stepped in. We don’t want anyone to get hurt. By highjacking the train, we slow it down and ensure that it chugs along slowly on the track and avoid derailing. More than the highjacking itself, these are live training session carried out by our guys to train our cadres.

RS: How do you guys keep yourself occupied in the jungle?
HC: It’s tough. Once again its china to the rescue. They have given us tons of pirated games they have also given us laptops once used by commie politbureau members. Besides we have plenty of status review meetings – without actually doing anything. Then we have about 300 trackers in excel sheets where we update our work. So even if we have not done anything, these excel sheets keep the cadres occupied. If still there is no work, we get into conference calls and discuss strategies.

RS: Coming back to revolt, it would have been better to use all that money you receive from china to do something good for people. All this bloodshed is not doing any good for anyone. China is misleading you all and using you as a weapon against India to keep the state engaged in a low intensity conflict.
HC: You sure? I thought it was otherwise…


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