Shocking news: Karmic deficiency led to recession

An alarming reduction in global positive karma repository led to the recent recession, according to noted Karmologist Dr. Hammerscmidst.

“The quantity of global positive karma has dipped to levels that had not been seen since the Ice Age. In fact if we had not had this recession and had the levels continued to plummet, we could have met with the same fate as the dinosaurs,” the doc claimed in an exclusive interview to this blogger.

Hammerscmidst said that nearly 65 million years ago, the global Karmic repository had touched a Nadir and the result was the extinction of the dinosaurs. “There is no second chance given to beings that are responsible for the low. You will be cleaned out and a new species given a chance to thrive and restore the karmic equilibrium. We are lucky that we were let off with a warning. The collapse of global financial eco system was a warning issued by the divine forces to set our house in order, before it is too late,” he said.

When asked what was karmically wrong, the doctor said that when the world was dominated by negative forces, the repository of positive karma plummets. “Its very simple..every good move by nations and people adds to the repository while a evil move results in a dip,” Hammerscmidst said. “When nations like China and Pakistan dominate headlines with their evil intentions and actions, one can expect the worst. Such nations are draining the karmic repository and its high time the world community stood up and took notice of this disaster waiting to happen and adopted measures to restrict the damage and restore the balance. Else the world will have to pay for the misdeeds of Chinese and the pakis,” Hammerscmidst added.

Hammerscmidst has submited a copy of his findings to the UN and urged the global body to take appropriate action at the eariest.


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