Pakistan invites Nobel jury

In a further sign of its reluctance to step up the 26-11 trial, Pakistan has invited the Nobel jury to adjudge the Hafiz Saeed trial. It may be remembered that the jury mentioned here is the same that bestowed Nobel peace prize on rookie president Obama a day back.

Pakistan’s loud mouth interior minister Rehman Malik lost no time in showing his mummified broom face to the media to announce this decision. While many media personnel were more interested in knowing why the jury has been roped in, journos from India were conspicuous by their absence.

“We have seen what this jury is capable of. They can jump the gun and come to a awkward conclusion without applying their minds and can take months to arrive at a silly decision. In fact when I first heard that Obama has bagged the Nobel prize so early, I nearly fell off my chair laughing. That was when we decided to call the same jury for the Saeed trial as we didn’t want him to be implicated,” Malik said.

A spokesperson for the jury meanwhile welcomed the decision and said that the wise group will attend the trial. “The jury is pleased with the decision of the Pakistani government. It is a further vindication of the belief held by members that the Nobel jury has made a brilliantly wise decision in awarding the prize to the US president,” the spokesman said.


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