China is suffering from territorial amnesia

India has asked the United Nations to urgently dispatch a Geography teacher to China to help it overcome the territorial amnesia its been suffering offlate.

“We have urged UN to urgently send someone who can show china its international borders. China has forgotten that Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh are parts of India and that the only dispute that exists between Indian and China is over Tibet that is actually a part of India and has been forcefully occupied by China,” a senior foreign ministry official told media in New Delhi on Sunday.

India believes that the belligerent posture adopted recently by the Chinese is nothing, but a convenient ploy to deflect attention from the fact that China has been occupying Indian territory in Tibet. By dispatching a neutral observer, china could be made to see reason before been forcefully made to see so by India.

“We are not like Pakistan and don’t believe in making empty threats to anyone. We will show who we are when the time comes…for now we are allowing the Chinese to get away with all kinds of threats because we believe only the cowards are capable of making threats without backing it up with action. Besides China is known for spurious and cheap material and their politicians and army are no different,” the official added.


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