Government mulling taking over BJP

In a shocking move the Indian government has indicated that it may take over ailing right wing nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party.

Speaking to the media after a customary chai paani session, parliamentary affairs minister Chavvani lal said that the nation was tied of BJP leaders washing their dirty linen in public and hogging precious airtime on national channels. “These guys are worse than the inmates of the big brother’s house or those psycos who appear on those weird MTV reality shows. Besides hurting national sentiments, these guys are also hurting kids’ sentiments by dragging in icons like Humpty Dumpty and Alice and the government does not like that,” he said.

Some citizens seem to share the sentiment expressed by Chavvani. “I have two warring BJP leaders on my friends list on facebook and one day I saw 78 alerts. When I checked I found that the two had started a fight on my wall. They had slugged it out using unbloggable terms and one of them had posted a morphed picture of the other hugging a mayawathi statue. I immediately deleted the two and cleaned my wall. I went into a shock after the event and couldn’t give missed calls to my girl for days due to the trauma,” a college student from Mumbai said.

This move represents the second time that the Indian government has decided to intervene in a public fight after the Ambani brother’s episode. As per the plan chalked out by the Board for Ideological and Moral Reconstruction, the current rotting leadership of the BJP will be asked to move on and a fresh new team will be asked to take over the reins of the party. The old warhorses of the party will be given a free ride in a MiG 21 or a Sea Harrier by the government. “The Jinnah fans will in fact be whipped in public and deported to their native in Pakistan. Let these guys live among their ilk in their favorite country,” Chavvani said.

The new board will be asked to come out with a fresh plan to rejuvenate the party using a brand new political model. Government will be the majority owner of the new party and the stake will be progressively diluted once the party is able to stand on its own in the future.

Meanwhile a hitherto unknown Lewis Carol Sena has threatened Arun Shorie with dire consequences if he does not withdraw his comment on Rajnath Singh about Alice soon.


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chai paani:):)
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THEY are socially active atleast!!! ;) ;)

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