China to develop “counterfeit intelligence”

After demonstrating its expertise in developing and selling “world class” counterfeit material, China is now planning to take its “fake” expertise to the next level. The largest commie nation in the world is now planning to develop what it calls counterfeit intelligence to improve its exports.

“This is not a joke posted by some blogger sitting in Bangalore. This is the Real Mc Lee. We are indeed developing intelligence that can copy literally anything and turn out a cheaper version of condemnable quality. The product can then be dumped in a third world country and bring money to fund our hegemonic ambitions in Asia,” says Yukk Thoo Chin, head of counterfeit cell, Government of China.

China is already a proud ( supplier of fake good to various countries. Most of the goods exported by China are either fake copies of similar stuff produced by other countries. Chinese goods are infact considered to be as fake as Pakistan’s famous commitment to end its support for global terrorism.

Once developed, the counterfeit intelligence program will help China generate more fake products and push to market rapidly.

PIC: Some of China's original brands..


Apple said…
“This is not a joke posted by some blogger sitting in Bangalore"

I believe you..its authentic.. ;)
Prayukth said…
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