US to give $ 7 bn to North Korea

Continuing with its promise of promoting rogue states, US has announced that it will be providing $ 7 bn to North Korea. An announcement to this affect was made by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington on Friday, as North Korea was preparing to launch an inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) in the guise of a satellite launch.

The North Korean drama comes days after US offered similar aid to Pakistan. The Obama administration had called that as a “down payment for securing America’s future”. Apparently, this act was not worthy of such a complex jargon. “We have always believed in empowering rogue states so that they can threaten their neighborhood and jeopardize global security. Pakistan was the first rogue state and North Korea is the second one. The message is clear we will only give you aid if you are either harboring terrorists, promoting and sustaining terror groups, threatening regional stability, violating human rights, launching attacks against peaceful nations or launching scud variants into the sky under flimsy pretexts,” Hillary claimed.

Many other states have now started firming up plans to host terrorist camps and start missile programs to attract international aid. Nauru, spread across 8.5 square miles in the Pacific Ocean has invited Taliban to scout the country to identify possible safe havens. “We have had exciting discussions with representatives of the Taliban. They may use our island to hide a few international criminals; even Baitullah Massood may land up here,” Nauru’s excited foreign minister told this blogger. “We have already taken lessons from Pakistan in how to milk these terrorists to run our economy,” he added.

North Korea has meanwhile thanked the US government and said that it will reply to the gracious gesture of US equivocally. “We may also consider hosting a few regionally wanted terrorists,” a senior North Korean diplomat stated.


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