How hot is it????Find out

The mercury is indeed soaring. But then how much has the temp gone up? Find out here..

• China says Antarctica is part of its territory and is planning to move troops to annex it
• Lallo was trying hard to open the window of an aircraft at 30000 ft
• People were flocking to Menaka Gandhi, just to get one of those cold stares
• Babus at Ministry of Defense have asked the government to move them to Siachen
• Pakistan says ‘India-based elements’ have a hand in rising temperature
• The third front’s poll manifesto promises a 4-5 degree drop in temp, if voted to power
• Netas were seen distributing tender coconuts, instead of blankets, at poll rallies
• Arnab Ghostsawme is now hosting newsnight wearing just a baniyan
• Headlines Today may allow female anchors to host shows wearing a bikini
• India TV has reported that the world will end in another 3 days
• Al Gore has started a new website –
• Ghost Rider’s sequel will have the hero throwing ice cubes instead of fire
• King of Saudi Arabia was seen in a sleeveless t-shirt
• People were seen hurling shoes at politicians simply because they couldn’t wear them anymore due to the heat
• Karan Johars talk show has been renamed “Kingfisher with Karan”
• Carla Bruni attended a state dinner hosted by the Sultan of Brunei in bikini
• Akshay was caught again by the cops doing the unbuttoning act at a public function. But was let off when he explained that the “hot weather made him do it”.


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