Pakistan wants a FTA-Free Terror Agreement

Pakistan has asked all SAARC nations to sign a Free Terror Agreement to help terrorists travel freely within the region. Sherry Rehman, the Pakistani information minister made this request after reports of two Pakistani terrorists being shot in the Indian capital started trickling in.

“We are not asking for heaven here. We are just asking all nations in South Asia to behave like Pakistan and make life easier for these Jihadis. Pakistan has already done away with the passport system for militants and allows them to travel on the documents issued by their parent organizations and ISI,” Rehman said in Karachi on Sunday.

When reminded that the terrorists shot dead by Indian forces were having valid Pakistani passports, Rehman said that there could be aberrations from the established processes, but all nations should support Pakistan in helping these Jihadis. “A Free Terror Agreement will help do away with all forms of paperwork to help terrorists travel without any documentation and reach their targets faster. The guys who were shot today morning had to take a circuitous route and enter India via Bangladesh thus exposing themselves. By the time they reach their targets, the fatigue would also set in. Also, as of now, if these terrorists have to travel to a neighboring nation to cause mayhem, they have to plan months in advance”, Rehman said.

While assuring Al Qaeeda and other regional terror outfits that Pakistan was doing all it could to help terrorists, Rehman said “hitherto it used to take years for planning and executing a major terrorist strike. This has now come down to months and ISI is working to reduce it further. As we speak, we are working on developing software to track every terrorist sent by Pakistan and check the status of the terror plan. Once this is done, a Chief Terror Officer (CTO) sitting in far flung places like Bajaur or Swat can monitor a terror attack 2000 miles away through a comprehensive dashboard”.

Pakistan is also working on connecting the frontlines of terrorism like the North West Frontier province and the Tora Bora regions via a high bandwidth WAN. “This is part of ISIs plan to link the extremist areas to facilitate better communication and help terror outfits upload threatening videos faster,” an ISI official told this blogger. The Pakistani telecom ministry is also laying optic fiber cables alongside the world’s first superhighway for donkeys built by Pakistan in NWFP.


Apple said…
seems like n elaborate expansion plan.. ;)

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