China is angry with India.. again

China on Friday registered its strong protest with the Indian embassy in Beijing against alleged efforts by the Indian government to “threaten its people”. The protest is apparently directed against Indian government dispatching an uncensored and unedited version of the movie Desh Drohi to Chinese spokesperson Qin Gang. This copy was dispatched by the Indian external affairs ministry in response to the Gang’s statement that China did not recognize Arunachal Pradesh as a part of India.

According to our sources in Beijing, Gang went into a comma after watching the movie and his condition is said to be serious. “The Chinese government has taken a serious note of this move by India to push its case and we are still watching the situation,” a Chinese official told Xinhua news agency. In the meantime, the controversial movie DVD has been handed over to the Forensic Psycology wing of Beijing University for further study by the Chinese government.

“This is only the beginning. If they don’t stop making such mindless remarks, we will be sending them our Dev Anand and Mithun Chakravarthy collection and it will just get worse from there on,” an external affairs ministry official told this blogger. Apparently, the ministry is getting increasingly annoyed with the belligerent pose adopted by China, which has been making all the wrong noises offlate.

“We will pay the Chinese back in their own currency. Let them know that we are no longer going to sit quietly and watch as these commies play their subversive games. We are gonna hit where it hurts and if they are not going to be bogged down by this movie, we will send Puppy Lahiri, Him-Mess Race Mia and Himrun Chaseme together to Bejing and then lets see what happens,” a senior external affairs mandarin said on Friday.

The ongoing war of words and movies marks a new low in the relationship between the two Asian superpowers. “China seems to be suffering from acute Indo phobia. Everytime we test a missile, launch a space mission or even release a bollywood movie, China reacts with the same set of words, indicating deep anxiety. They should simply accept the fact that India has arrived and live with it, an expert on Chinese foreign policy said.


Prabhav said…
awesome..! how low can these commies get..
but 2 blogs using desh drohi..! a bit surprising.. ny case did u do the mistake of watching it..!
Apple said…
Well..MAYBE chine needs to do some self-evaluation..
considering.."made in CHINA" tag makes such an awesome impression..
I wonder what "said In China" is getting them into..

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