Parliament to house National School of Drama

Government of India has agreed in principle to allow the National School of Drama to set up a wing inside the parliament. This move has come in wake of requests from various quarters to allow NSD graduates to learn from the seasoned dramatists, who operate from the floor of Indian parliament.
Last week, during the debate on the nuclear deal, many NSD undergraduates were glued on to their TV sets and analyzed every move made by the MPs. Some even called up various members and congratulated them on their exemplary performance during the debate.

“These guys are the best of the lot. I mean just look at the way they act as though they are seriously concerned about the country and its citizens, though we all know its baloney,” says a rookie actor. “This is the real suff, theres action, emotion, stunts, money and what not”, asks another NSD student.

According to self-proclaimed director Mahesh Rutt, our parliamentarians are the best actors we have right now. “Jst look at the bollywood folks who have to gone to parliament. None of them have made a mark in anyway; you barely get to see these guys, let alone hear their dialogues. They have all been overshadowed by the MPs and some have come back with their tails firmly placed between their legs and have sworn never to return,” he adds. Rutt feels that NSD graduates will learn more from parliament than bollywood movies. “I am also making a movie on a underworld don entering the parliament and falling in love with a charming lady, who also happens to be the speaker of the house. This movie will focus on love beyond the boundaries of party and constituency,” he says.

Shotgun Sinha, the legendary bollywood actor says “during my initial days in parliament, I was completely at sea. I was watching an assortment of the finest bunch of actors from different parts of the country and I started doubting my acting prowess. I feel much better now, as after all these years I have improved my acting skills”. Actor and two-time husband Aamir Khan claims to better actor than all the parliamentarians put together. “Most of these guys do it in parliament and outside it and I do it on the internet too, so that makes me more mature as an actor than these two-penny creeps,” he asserts.


Apple said…
"This movie will focus on love beyond the boundaries of party and constituency"

Quite a phenomina..Please define LOVE here....that word is definitely not incorporated in the "Parliamentary Dictionery"
Prayukth said…
For the parliamentarians, love is an unparliamentary term... ;)

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