Funny groups

We have all heard of associations and lobby groups, formed by like-minded individuals to achieve various objectives. This week we present some such groups from the other side. You will never hear about them, nor will you ever meet a member as these dudes are more secretive than the free masons.

Traffic Jam Lovers Association (TJLA)
: a collection of folks who believe that traffic jams should be encouraged for whatever reasons. Members are expected to drive on congested roads and feign breakdown and ensure that the roads stay clogged for hours. These dudes have appointed Rahul Dravid AKA Jammie (without his consent) as their brand ambassador.

Celeb Blog Commentary Association (CBCA): a group of really busy people whose only job is to post comments on celeb blogs. This group is affiliated with another group that meticulously tracks global celeb adoptions.

Manhole Cover Aficionado Association (MCAA)
: members believe that the manhole cover is mankind’s single biggest invention and that all such covers have a spiritual meaning attached to them.

Breaking News Suppliers Association (BNSA): the group that supplies breaking news items to various Indian news channels. Check out some of their award winning breaking news samples – ‘aliens responsible for vanishing slippers near temple’, Stray dog injured in police firing, government orders enquiry, among others.

Trace the Script Association (TSA): this group has been formed to help directors like Mahesh Rutt trace their scripts which often go missing as soon as the shooting starts.

Concept to Copy Association (CCA): helps various television channels decided on which foreign concepts to copy and use in India.

Global Warming Worshipers Association (GWWA): This group hopes global warming leads to a complete meltdown of Antarctic ice. Once this happens, this group will lay claim to the continent and establish a country there.


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