A truely Indian superhero :)

Slapping cricketers, soaring fuel prices, neighborhood banana republic nibbling at our territory, preaching health ministers and what not. The Indian superhero, so far embedded deep within our subconscious has finally surfaced. Move over stupor man, bathman and spy-darr man...the first Indian super hero is here.

Pacman is a true Indian superhero. He works as a manager in a logistics firm in the morning and fights crime during night. His greatest weapon, the debate, is what he uses to disarm his opponents. Be it the Chinese, the aussies, bhajji or steve bucknor, pacman has made all these names eat out of his hand. Whenever he spots a crime or anti-national activity, Pacman challenges the perpetrators to a round of debate on live national television . He then tires them with endless arguments, forcing them to give up.

Pacman is ably supported in all his adventures by the super spiritual mantra-chanting Bhaktiman, his sidekick. Bhaktiman's greatest power is his knowledge of over 2000 divine chants, which he uses with ease on his opponents to confuse, perplex and silence them.

Together, the duo are unbeatable. One a tireless campaigner and another, a seasoned spiritual guru. Pacman has vowed to eliminate all enemies of the country over the next 10 years. His most recent venture is to bring bush to the roundtable, in a televised debate to challenge Dubya's views on Indians being responsible for the soaring food prices.

Pacman has set up a national toll free number where everyone can reach him. You can also catch up with him on various messengers and chat programs.

The one thing that Pacman cannot do is to make Bangalore Royal Challengers win a match in the IPL.


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