Lallo's hollywood debut

Lallo Prasad has finally made it to Hollywood. He makes his much-awaited debut in this action thriller directed by John Boo.


Staring Lallo Prasad, Nicole Kidman, Harbhajan Swing and Free Shanth

In this caper, Lallo is an American Indian research head at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in Pentagon. His team is tasked with developing an advanced guidance system for preventing Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles from interception. Shrouded in extreme secrecy, only the top brass of Pentagon are aware of this high priority project code named Theater High Altitude Area Offense (THAT).

Unknown to Lallo, Russian spies have zeroed in on the project and want to get their hands on the system and its codes. To achieve this, they team up with a rogue Russian oil tycoon, Boris Zirconovsky, who has contacts not only within Russian mafia, but also within the Pentagon. Boris gets his men to get two of Lallo’s colleagues killed and he is charged with their murder. However, before the Defense Protective Service agents and FBI could get Lallo, the dude escapes through the Pentagon Athletic Center gate and drives away with the Z chip containing the application and codes.

In Washington, meanwhile, Lallo’s childhood sweetheart Michele Hopner, once a leading journo with Washington Times, is now looking out for a sensational story. Her stint with WP ended when she wrote an article on the links between some top pentagon officials and Boris. She was accused of plagiarism by a senior WP journalist (on the payroll of Boris). For getting back to business, she needs to produce a page one story for rival publication NY Post.

The third angle of the story is that of ‘teenage rebel dude’ Bobby (Free Shanth), who is the wayward son of another American Indian Piddu (Navjoke Siddu). Piddu is the governor of Florida with an eye on the next presidential elections. Bobby manages to rub a local don Mak (Harbhajan Swing) on the wrong side and is also on the run from the latter’s henchmen.

Lallo, Michelle and Bobby accidentally meet in California, while on the run, and decide to take on Boris and expose his cronies in the Pentagon and Washington Times. Will they finally defeat Boris? Will Piddu win his party’s presidential ticket? Will Lallo be able to get back to THAT? Will Boris be able to hand over the chip to Russian secret agents? Watch the movie to find out.

What to watch out for? Lallo carries the whole movie on his shoulders. The twists and turns and the suspense that the script builds up is simply incredible. Some impressive performances wrap up the package. Silverlight will hit Indian theaters in June.


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