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Pakistan and Bungledesh ink Free Terror Agreement

In a decision that could have profound implications for the security scenario in the sub continent, two key state sponsors of terror, Pakistan and Bungledesh have inked a Free Terror Agreement.

This agreement, signed within the framework of a larger South Asian Free Terror Agreement, is designed to provide more freedom to sponsored terrorists to move freely between the two countries and leverage state resources to promote and spread terror. Terrorists accredited by the respective state agencies will be provided visa on arrival and state security at all times. Further, such terrorists would also be extended dual citizenship benefits and would be provided immunity from all types of state prosecution.

According to Pak minister for Terror promotion Brig. Bag, the agreement will ensure more cooperation between the terrorists of the two countries and would serve as a cornerstone for improving terror relations between the two states. Bungledeshi minister for state terror felt that the agree…

Exclusive: Bored masoomdar-K P S Gill interview

K Power Struggle ill, at the helm of Indian hockey for the past 14 years, is under increasing pressure to pack his bags. The man however is reluctant and is blaming the loss on everything and everyone possible. Our sports correspondent Bored Masoomdar spoke to the ex-cop recently. Presenting the exclusive interview…

BM: First of all, India is not playing in the Olympics for the first time. You say that this was expected. Care to explain your statement to the millions of disappointed hockey fans in the country?

KPS: You see we are not going to the Olympics not because of the team’s performance. I am in fact proud of the way in which our boys played. Some others didn’t perform and that is the reason why we lost.

BM: And who are these ‘non performers”?

KPS: The referee, who else? He behaved like a Cheap Bucknor and ensured that we lost. Also, the vaastu of the stadium was not right, the slope of the stadium at the North-West side was 36 degrees less than the norm. Further, on the day of the…

Kaun bangea Abhi-Neta

Read about the most funny and interesting game ever devised....

From the makers of ‘Are you smarter than an Amoeba’ and ‘Who wants to fly million-air’, comes a new show to identify and nurture budding political talent in India. The show, called ‘Kaun Banega Abhi-Neta', involves around 200 budding politicians drawn out for various parts of the nation. Each participant has to clear around 10 levels, with each level presenting a different challenge. Every level tests the contestant’s slimy skills and determines whether he has what it takes to succeed.

In the first level, called divide and rule, the participant is introduced to a group of around 20 people. The contestant has to spilt the group along caste, religion and regional lines and make them vote for him.

For the next level, the contestant is placed with a group of contractors, who want to have their tenders cleared. The challenge for the contestant is to derive maximum bribe from the contractor for the work and clear the projec…

Indian Pyjama League?? What’s that?

Excited by the prospects of reaping rich monetary dividends on the lines of cricketers, Indian politicians have launched what they call the Indian Pyjama League (IPL). IPL will soon conduct nation wide auctions, wherein politicians will be traded like chicken.

The league has already issued full page ads in leading newspapers calling for EoIs from corporate houses, contractors, defence vendors and generic vendors and anyone who wants to purchase a ‘neta’. The only condition is that the buyer should have deep pockets and should be able to put up with the ego tantrums thrown by these two-penny freaks.

Speaking exclusively to this site, IPL spokesperson Nut-war Sing claimed that this was a historic and path breaking development for the nation as a whole. “From now on the whole process of bribing and purchasing politicians will become more transparent. People will know as to who exactly is the politician working for,” he said. Nut-war felt that this move will also help the so called underpa…

MPs or Monkeys in Pyjamas?

Last week, our elected reps in parliament made another abortive attempt at destroying democracy in the country. In the past, they have tried to divide the nation on regional lines and have been ignoring the governance mandate thrust on them by the hapless citizens of this country. Our political affairs correspondent Srinivasan Giant caught up with Pungee lal, a 7-time MP, who is the head of the Politicians Association of India, a body of politicians and asked about the sad state of politics in the country. Here is the exclusive interview:

SG: To begin with, last why did you folks create such a ruckus in parliament last week?

PL: Oh, it was essential to that. We were worried about the poor people of the country. Infact, many of us are so much worried about the citizens of India that we are unable to sleep and..

SG: Oh come Mr. Pungee, we all know that this is all rubbish…can we have the truth, please?

PL: You didn’t let me finish. I was saying that since most of us are unable to bear the…