Who will be crowned fashion i-con?? find out

Who is the guy/gal with the worst sense of dressing in the nation? That's what we want to find out as we span the length and breadth of India to isolate celeb fashion offenders and pit them against each other. Fashion i-con contest is an attempt to correct the fashion conscience of the country and make these “dodo-dressed” celebs slip into something that's a little trendier. Some of the top contenders are as under:

Govinda: one wonders who Govinda’s fashion advisor is, if he has one that is. Rainbow shirts, yellow whale-sized trousers with a stainless steel chain hanging from the belt and a slipper-shoe hybrid adorning his feet…this is fashion for you Govinda style.

Mayawati: we never expect politicians to dress well for that matter they are not good at anything. But is it a crime to expect a semblance of sane dressing from these people? Apparently this lady who dreams to be the PM of India one day, needs to attend a crash course in attire management. Often Mayawathi is dressed to scare with outlandish colors and drab salwars. These sal-wars will create a fashion war someday.

Commies: when it comes to doing things the wrong way, commies are second to none? Like their ideology, their dressing sense is also stuck in the Stone Age. Most of them avoid traditional Indian wear and adorn shirts and trousers that appear as stylish as drenched felines doing a catwalk on the ramp.

Vidya Balan: The top tinsel town beauty, with looks to die for, makes it to the list based on sheer audacity to wear stuff like weird frocks that resemble blankets and skirts that were probably worn during the late Cretaceous.

Himesh Reshammiya: Need I say anything about this dude? No one knew that bollywood was searching for a successor to Bhappi and the search has indeed ended with this capped blunder.

The list will grow in the coming days and become more representative of the plural society that exists around us. Fashion frankensteins are everywhere and it will be impossible to bring all of these jokers to the book.

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Apple said…
Amm...dont you think you missed out on Mandira Bedi..the once upon a time more talked aboutfashion trend setter that cricket commentator ;)

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