Chinki commies are back to backstabing

Angry with China’s stance on Arunachal Pradesh, our correspondent Micky Menon went all the way to Beijing to seek out the top commie rat Yukk Thoo Chin. Micky grilled the freak on many things. Unlike other journos who sugar coat their words, Micky took the chief of Chinese politburo head on and made the jerk puke out some details. Here’s the no holds barred interview.

Micky: How dare you say that our PM cannot visit our territory? Are you out of your mind?

YTC: of course not, the way we see it every territory is disputed we are in fact even going to lay our claim on Japan, USA and even Argentina in the coming years. We have an image of a regional hegemon, a bull dozing bully and a nation of tin pot dictators who can go to any length to crush opposition from inside or outside and we like to live up to that image, you see.

Micky: You guys are sensitive about everything we do…be it scouting for energy resources in Africa, South China Sea or even naval patrolling in Indian Ocean.

YTC: yes, we are quite sensitive. In fact deep down there is deep insecurity among our leaders. You see till now we have projected this big bully image to everyone and have managed to exist as a nation. We are afraid that the moment we stop issuing these baseless threats to countries like India, countries might stop taking us seriously.

Micky: So all this posturing is for cheap publicity?

YTC: more like ego massaging I would say. We have a whole department dedicated to writing threats and issuing de marches. In fact some of your people were trained there by our folks.

Micky: and who might that be?

YTC: our agents the Indian commies. They have been trained here to issue threats to the Indian government and we are pleased to see the progress they have made there.

Micky: you mean these Indian commie rats are hand in glove with you?

YTC: what did you think? These commies are fed, clothed and brainwashed by us. They are our agents, who we have planted in your country. All of them are on our payroll..they do our work and stay in your country. Infact Karat calls us up every weekend to update us on their latest anti-national adventures. These days we have asked him to go slow as we are busy with the Olympics.

Micky: That's an immoral and unethical thing to do..

YTC: I completely agree. Now just have a look at what all we are up to. We are plundering the natural wealth of poor countries; we are oppressing our own people, threatening our neighbors, indulging in nuclear proliferation etc. We like to indulge in 360 degrees of immoral activities across the globe and are constantly on the lookout for new unethical stuff. Infact if you have any ideas, you can share em with us.

Micky: Aren’t you afraid that someday your own people will turn up against you?

YTC: Not a problem. We have stashed up enough cash in our Caribbean island accounts so even if we have to run away, we can spend the rest of our lives in comfort. How do you think we openly threaten so many people and get away with it?


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