Top blogs of 2007*

Top blogs of 2007*

1. Farewell Dr. Kalam
2. Bob Wollmer's link to India's 2007 cricket world cup debacle
3. Pan tycoon in the fray for taking over Hutch Telecom
4. Lallo with Nicole Kidman
5. Airtel and ICICI top the bad corporates list
6. Pakistan planning to honor Prakash Karat
7. Commie uncles, Zara side dena...
8. A tale of laughs
9. What happens when a Pakistani dictator looses his langot?
10. Kaun benega 'Indian Idle'?

Air Dhakkan MD and CEO gets candid...
ICICI MD gets a taste of his own medicine
The funniest sub continental joker
Shocking truth : Why left still supports UPA

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