Farewell Dr. Kalam

Dear Dr. Kalam,

Almost five years ago you stepped into the Rastrapathi bhavan and we all knew that you are going to bring in a new wave of optimism into our hearts and minds. Yes and indeed you lived up to our expectation and inspired every Indian irrespective of caste, creed or religion to rise upto the challenge of building a new India in by the year 2020.

We all share your vision today and are working hard in various fields to realize this dream that we all share. Also an entire generation is growing up which is inspired by you and your ideals. Thanks to you, not only will this century be ours, but also the new millennia and many more to come. When the sun shines tomorrow, its rays will shine brightest on India. We are already speeding on the highway of progress and there is nothing that can stop us from achieving our goal. The seeds of hope are already sown and generations down the line will reap the harvest. The real impact of your tenure will be felt in the years to come. You will always be remembered as the people's president.

Having said all this, every Indian will miss seeing you in the Rastrapathi Bhavan. It will never be the same without you being the first citizen. But we will all be happy knowing fully well that you will still be at work in some part of our nation, spreading your ideas across and igniting minds. You have set very high standards for your successors and as you walk out of Raisina hill, a grateful nation will stand up and salute the man who is a true son of the country in every sense. Please accept our wishes for success in your new endeavors.

Blessed is a nation that produces sons like you.

With many thanks and wishes,


Please join me in wishing Dr. Kalam all the best in the days to come..


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