Its winter again

Winter is here again and as I write this piece I could almost hear the sub zero winds blowing outside the window. It seems that the drop in temperature has started affecting the brains of some people in my office. This lady in (mostly attired in blue) sitting in a cubicle beside me has increased her telecon chat quota to almost 1:15:33. I am subjected to everthing from those consistent gigles to funny threats that she dishes out to her boyfriend every now and then. She makes it a point to ensure that her collegues are fully aware of all the events happening in her love life. The first time I heard her, I thought that she was screaming out to someone else sitting in another bay. Imagine my surprize when I realized that was not the case!! So what else is new? Nothing much except that I miss those evening walks that I used to take when I was working for a co near MG Rd. It was fun to be lost among the friday evening crowd and bump into people you wouldnt have seen for ages. Well gotta move on for now..will post more soon-till then



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