typical movie plot

Like ammir is a scientist with the National Mineral research Coperation and is doing some studies near Jammu when he comes to know that during world war 11, some britishers had buried a nuke bomb somewhere in Kashmir. Kajol is a third generation american who is facing charges of plagarism on her very first novel How chappel got famous, got worn and was thrown away. She returns to India and meets Ammir khan and the due pledge to work for world peace and start searching for the bomb...In the meantime, jackie chan who is like a bhojpuri farmer come often to srinagar to sell rice also meets the due gets impressed by their work and decides to join them. The plot gets murkier when amir comes to know that the device may go up anytime now so he frantically starts searching. But a combination of corrupt ministers headed by a HRD minister tries to prevent him by hiring bounty hunter A K Hangal (a former nobel peace prize winning Wrestler) to finish amir and kajol off...needless to say ammir and kajol win this battle


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