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Ganguli and Kolkatta impress Inzaman...
The Pakistan team has appriciated the role played by Ganguli in the first test and asked for an oncore in Faislabad. Pakistan Capt Inzaman has personally thanked Ganguli for the argument he had with the Indian coach and Captian. "Ganguli bhai has often used his mouth to wiggle himself out of situations." Inzaman was highly appriciatoive of Ganguli for demoralising the Indian team on the first day.

In fact Inzaman has also asked for a special match to be conducted in Kolkatta in honour of ganguli. In this match, ganguli would lead a Pakistan XI against an Indian XI headed by Dravid. Inzaman however added that Ganguli would not be allowed to bat or bowl in this match and his sole work would be to argue with the Indian Captain.

Special Kolkatta..
Inzaman also thanked Kollkattans for their role in getting Ganguli into the team. In their honour, he said that the Kolkattans have again proven their patriotism by backing south africa in a match aganist India recently. The south africans were cherred and the Indian team booed. This was a classic case of patriotism. Inzaman has invited all kollkattans to visit Pakistan to support the PAksitan team in their match against the Indian team and has assured all kollkattans of full support during their stay in pakistan provided they behave like they did in that Eden garden match against south africa.

" I like their approach and their leader ganguli should be in Indian team till eternity so that rahul and future Indian captains can loose the match even befor they step on the pitch," Inzaman said adding that he has recomended ganguli's name for the highest civilian award of Pakistan. that country would also be renaming a city in pakistan as Kolkatta to honour the great city which produced such a great "fighting" cricketer.

Meanwhile in Eden gardens, it was decided to name many stand in the stadium after Ganguly and other great Pakistani legends like Imran, Abbas, Shoaib Akthar etc. Budding cricketers in Kolkatta are also being taught how to get into the Indian team without meriting a place.

The anger is obvious for the rest of the country......supporting a foriegn team on Indian soil....SHAME.


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