October begins in bangalore


This is me Prayukth here gain. This is a sturday morning and you ask me where am I??? Well am in my office ready to begin another day at my work place. So what else is new other than the month of October u say. I say nothing much except that the weather is again cool today and I would have loved to take an interesting person on a date today. I mean someone who's like a lot more intresting than I could ever be. I also want to listen to how deep is ur love by the beegees.

bangalores roads are wet with yesterdays rains and the whole weather is cool and actuall I am sort of and kind of shivering. But even then I would say it is a great weather and I can see the clouds from my window. These clouds are white and the whole sky appears to have worn a white blanket which is slowly moving. Even though I know where these clouds are heqaded to I wonder if they will ever reach their destination or come down as rains befoire that.,

Monsoons have been happening for centuries now and they have brought lots of water and joy to the Indian sub continent. They were coming when the Harrappan civilisation wsas in its infancy they saw the reign of Chandragupta Maurya and were also there when Kings like Ashoka, Akbar etc were ruloing India and were also there when our nation became free in 1947. They will continue to come till such a time that the world will be there isnt it well let me know...
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